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Angry Birds Games

spiderman save angry birds

Let's save birds from extinction. In our help comes Spiderman, ready for action and full of adventure. Collect points and birds for a high score!

angry birds rocket

The red bird is ready to face new obstacles. Equipped with a performance rocket he jumps and run away where he can as quickly. Try to control it better.


angry birds rio

One of the best online game, must have heard of it. Release the birds from iron cages. Try to win all the stars possible to receive golden egg.


angry birds racing

You have a strong engine, yellow bird is ready to race. Escape safely and finish as many levels. Use your abilities to win this free online games.


angry birds puzzle

Arrange the pieces so as to realize an image of angry birds. Is different from other puzzle games. Use the mouse to create the most beautiful pictures.

angry birds original

Tthis game looks best with version released for mobile phones. Is in another language, but the menu is easy to use. If you want to play click on it!


angry birds matching

Sort three or more birds of the same type to remove them. You have a limited time to eliminate as many birds as you can then you move to the next level!

angry birds ice cream

Enter the hunt for ice cream. You have four different birds to collect more ice. Each bird has a specific feature to shoot. Use your tactics to get to the next level.


angry birds hunting

Aim birds on the screen. You have to accomplish some tasks. Shoot different types of birds to complete the level. Let the hunting of birds now!

angry birds halloween

You have eighteen levels where you must break down halloween boxes. Shoot with power the birds to throw with speed. You have several boxes to destroy.


angry birds great melee

Should beware of obstacles in your way. Shoot each pig you'll meet. Also you can drop bombs to free your way. Come to play this free game!

anngry birds go home

It is time to go home angry birds!. Make them little birds to find their way back home. Draw a line through the route he must follow to nest in the tree.


angry birds counterattack

A new landscape and a new task to accomplish. You must eliminate as many pigs using birds. You will have a great time with this game. Just play new games for free!

angry birds chinese

I have given this name because it is a variant of the angry birds game made of Chinese. It is very good game and worth trying it! Enter and have more fun!


angry birds cannon

It's payback time for angry birds. They provide a bunch of pigs you need to hit them. Use the mouse to aim and shoot. Choose one of the five birds to play.

angry birds and pigs

In this game, pigs have stole the eggs. Use your mouse to control birds. Hurry up to recover stolen eggs. Always have to click to keep the bird in the air.